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We @ NDS24X7 photography believe that “The greatest moments in life are the ones in front of you”.
So, our mission is to elegantly capture these amazing “once in-a life-time” moments as you experience it- in all their color, happiness and glory. Our team of hand-picked photographers and designers see the extraordinary in the tiny seconds of life that happen before them.

A bit of history about us…

NDS was born in the year 2000 out of a deep seated passion -to explore places, meet new people, understand rituals, capture cultural diversity, make friends and of course, great food and lots of laughter!
From the humble beginnings of a single camera and desktop computer , today we have grown into a state-of-the-art 1800 sq ft studio .We are proud to say that we have established a unique signature and style of candid wedding photography for ourselves as the “Wedding photography in madurai”. When life happens in a fleeting rush of precious instances for you, we help you to hold on, stop and cherish those beautiful emotions by capturing them as timeless photographs!

Our Team

It all started with two childhood friends -Rajesh and Sasi, casually chatting over coffee on how bored they were because of the normal wedding photography techniques employed these days. So they decided to change the scenario and modernize- introduce candid wedding photography in weddings.

And here we are- “NDS24x7 – The Wedding Specialist!”

Sasi Kumar

Director Of Photography | Founder

After being a lead editor in a highly reputed media company, Sasi finally found the dream that he had been looking for in photography. He fell in love with capturing moments as pictures.Consequently, he founded NDS with a single intention- to give today’s wedding couple the best experience possible. With more than 10 years of industry experience as a photographer and editor, he has expertise in photography design, color balancing, text balancing, mood and a special gift for light mixing. He instinctively knows the lighting, colour and other specifications that will be the right mix for the theme at hand. He considers photography “an art” and is looking forward to expand NDS to new heights.
His success mantra- “Photography is nothing but the eye behind the lens.”


Research & Business Development

An IT guy in a multi-national company by profession and a photographer by passion. With a refreshing attitude towards life, he strongly believes that “being different” is the key to taking good photographs. He noticed the traditional photography technique of “point and shoot” in weddings and decided to change the concepts- to evolve into “Candid photography”. He joined NDS shortly after returning to India from Australia, he brings a lot of experience and global exposure to the team .He is constantly re-inventing photographic techniques, changing norms and looking for ways to innovate without compromising on quality and tradition.
His creativity mantra- “Every Wedding has a story to be discovered”

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